Note from Dr. Sumarauw

Cindy Sumarauw DDS

I liked my dentist when I was a child. She fixed our teeth problems, mine and my parents'. She made dental visits fun and comfortable, we were grateful for her.
Fast forward to today, 21st century dentistry. I've been a dentist since 1998. While I'm happy to be of service to those just seeking occasional pain relief or a tooth fixed, my broader purpose is to restore beauty and confidence within people.

When the matters of tooth decay, stained teeth, swollen gums have been addressed, the larger concern is whether or not the healthy state can be maintained and further problems can be prevented.

This is the most important part of the relationship with a general dentist such as myself. My team and I are here to give you the latest tools, the education, the training in the maintenance of a healthy masticatory system and the prevention of further dysfunction. There is no one-step cure, it is a lifestyle to attain for optimum wellness.

As a general dentist, I perform an extended list of services as you see in this website. The advanced training I acquired in orthodontics, dental implants, and neuromuscular function and occlusion, have enabled me to treat a patient from a more comprehensive point of view. When a specialist is needed, I coordinate the treatment plan as the leading dentist to make sure our goal is achieved. The beauty of being a general dentist is the ability to treat and restore dental issues for adults while preventing that same future from happening in young children when you can see it coming.

My mission in dentistry is to create a community of well-informed individuals and families with healthy masticatory function----that includes not just zero cavities or straight teeth, but also fewer broken teeth, fresh breaths, no jaw pain! And a community that knows how to keep it that way.

When you are confident and committed to this mission, then any type of cosmetic dentistry would be long lasting and so worth it. To me that's beauty, beyond the cosmetics.

Dr. Cindy Sumarauw, DDS MAGD

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