The Ensemble

Staff Members

  • Hailey Bartlett
  • Marlene Zamudio-Frausto
  • Khairia Swaleh
  • Alexa Rojas
  • Amina Ali

 Our Staff

Hailey Bartlett

Hailey is the one in charge of the front office. If you need to schedule or have any questions about your account, she would be able to help you with it. Hailey has had experience both in the back office as well as the front office, having acquired her dental assisting certificate in 2017. Her favorite wins with her work is helping patients get proper and timely payments from insurances and helping patients understand their accounts. On the home front, Hailey is a Mom of 2 kids and wife of an adoring husband. She loves doing crafts with her girls, and is a cheer Mom for her daughter’s cheerleading team. One dental advice she has for everyone is: “You only get one set of teeth as an adult, please come in before your teeth get worse.”

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Marlene Zamudio-Frausto

Marlene is a full-time student at the University of Utah while working part-time at Cadenza Family Dentistry. She works chairside, front office and everywhere in between. Her plan is to become an orthodontist someday. When not working or studying, she is eating or sleeping. But someday when she might have spare time, she’d love to spend more time with her family. Marlene’s dental advice is: “Please pay more attention to your back teeth, they are so important to chew with even though you cannot see them in your smile.”

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Khairia Swaleh

Khairia discovered the field of dentistry thru her Mom who started working at Cadenza almost a year before she started. She had been working as a phlebotomist prior to dental assisting. She loves working with kids, awesome at taking x-rays and scanning patients teeth. Her favorite procedures in the back office would be working with orthodontic treatments and composites. Khairia is the oldest of 5 siblings. When not at work, her favorite past time is being big sister to her siblings whose age range from 17 to 3. Khairia’s dental advice to everyone is: “Flossing might be hard, but it’s worth it.”

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Alex Rojas

Coming soon…

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Amina Ali

After having graduated from the Dental Assisting program in Fortis College, Utah, Amina Ali completed externship requirement weeks in two other dental offices before she finally started working at Cadenza Family Dentistry in December of 2021.  Amina enjoyed chairside assisting, taking care of patients, and making sure all the instruments are sterlized and in order.  She and her family emigrated from Kenya in 2013 and loves her new life in the US working hard and learning so many new skills.  A dental advice she’d like to share is:  if you have dry mouth, use a ‘AllDay’ toothpaste and mouthspray so you won’t  get cavities!

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